February 04, 2007
78: manly mitts

The Boy's Christmas mittens (2005) sped toward completion once I had some sick time to deal with them. One mitten has been done since February of last year, but the second was delayed. I finished the body of the second mitten only to discover that the first mitten is at least an inch too short. W. T. F?? Rip & re-knit complete in time for yard duty!

look at how happy he is to wear double-stranded mittens during our arctic cold snap

They're made out of Mission Falls 1824 wool. One of the problems I had in finishing them was that I didn't buy enough yarn, then the company went out of business, then the company was back in business but not all the colours came back right away, then it was summer, then my regular YS didn't have any more white, then it was Christmas (again) and I was busy with other gifts. Then I ran out of excuses and finished the damn mittens, just in time for the bitter cold. I received many compliments on them whilst knitting them, and now I'm dreaming of a version that uses Noro and a neutral.

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