January 26, 2007
february is for finishing

Remember when I was moaning about the UFO's that clutter my house? Well, yesterday when I was procrastinating marking final exams I cleaned up my stash area and was able to fill three bags with knit, unfinished projects. So I started a KAL called February is for Finishing or National Knitting Sew-up Month (NaKniSewMo).

So far three people have asked to come along. I'm very excited!

eta: 3 more have emailed! Eee!

I also have an addendum to my Knit Yer Stash Along Rules: I am allowed to spend unexpected income (i.e. cash from Grandma, money for food testing, a dollar I find in the street) on yarn. Cheques from the government don't count - it's my money anyway and it should prolly go to the student loan. But that quarter you dropped and didn't bother to pick up? Yarn, baby.

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