February 01, 2007
76: grandma's scarf of shame

Because my Mom ignores my knitting as much as she possibly can, when I was asked to "whip up" an eyelash scarf for my grandmother I had little choice. (Guess I'm looking for approval still.) Fortunately for my stash-busting ways, I just so happen to have some black eyelash that Stacy gave me when she decided that she hated knitting. And with this yarn, no f'ing wonder she came to that conclusion. I used to think that experienced knitters who honked on about how painful it was to knit eyelash were just full of themselves. And now I am one.

Yarn is Bernat Boa in black. That's about the last definite fact I can attach to this project...I cast on 20+ stitches (I was in the middle of greeting parishioners at church when I cast on, so I can't be more specific than that. It prolly wasn't as many as 30 and I never bothered to count.) I dropped a stitch in the second row, picked up a stitch and kept going. I knit both balls to threads and called it done. And I cheated on the ends - double knotted them & trimmed. That might bite me in the ass later.

My general impetus in knitting it was concentrating on the people involved. Otherwise, I couldn't give a button, couldn't give a fig for this scarf.

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