January 22, 2007
74: u of t scarf rescue hat

As part of my stash-busting resolution for 2007, I've been digging deep & knitting remnants of other projects. This hat came from my desperation and boredom with the amount of marking before me, plus an honest desire to use up the bulky acrylic yarn that was the first purchase in my life as a knitter, plus a deep-seated need to get something warm on my head.

This is a Scarf Rescue Hat, inspired by the Yarn Harlot but largely improvised from the basic concept as my copy of her book has disappeared of late. As it was to match the first scarf I completed, I obviously used the same yarn. I did not swatch, merely cast on a goodly number of stitches on my first pair of needles (plastic on plastic - yum) and rolled the dice for colour changes. I knit at church, I knit while marking in the library. The grey disappeared first, then the blue-grey 2-ply. There's still a half-ball of medium blue and enough navy for a border should I get off my bum and knit a blanket for a shelter animal.

That I finished this hat so quickly is a testament to my dislike of both marking and frostbite.

u of t jacket, u of t scarf, u of t hat. could i be more collegiate?

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