February 02, 2007
kid gloves

Today was just as hard as an entire week. We had to change the schedule at the last minute to accommodate a student funeral, which meant that a sweet ½ day of quickie classes and PD turned into a full double-schedule slog. To add to the stress, I found out yesterday that one of my classes was "loaded" with behaviour issues when the Specialized Teachers would not stop freaking out over the class list (so heartening). I got the same treatment at the end of the day from two guys in my department, which sent me over the freaking edge.

Sigh. I hate crying at work. I especially hate crying at Bat Masterson, where people actually care. It's just embarrassing. I even got a bit snappy with Mason this morning for "treating me with kid gloves," which is such a girl thing to do, isn't it? (Don't be nice to me! Treat me like a robot! &c.) He responded at lunch by tapping me on the shoulder and holding his snow gloves in front of my face. "Look, no kid gloves!" Hee.

So today, when I had to run around like a mad woman and then deal with the demon seed last period, was a little weird. The emotional effort of the cheery façade alone has just about exhausted me – and I have to maintain it for both my new classes and my co-workers if I'm not going to develop a reputation as a complete basket case.

We picked up some beer and sunflower seeds on the way home. I'm taking the night off.


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