January 31, 2007
things i meant to mention - pt. 2

So, I had a lie-down and I feel better. I skipped my Diet Coke at lunch; that probably had something to do with my inability to cope with my day.

I totally forgot to mention that my department went out for lunch, stuffed ourselves slothful with Vietnamese food, then my ride went to the bookstore. As soon as we walked in the door, one of my colleagues picked up a book as a joke: "Do you think we should get this for [Employee Leaving Tomorrow]?" I looked at the title: "You Suck." The author: Christopher Moore. The blurb: "C. Thomas Flood…" And then I totally lost my shit and started bouncing up and down in front of my co-workers because IT'S A SEQUEL TO BLOODSUCKING FIENDS. I know what I want for Rocketbride Day.

I have some questions for the universe:

Why is it that everyone I know who got married in 1999 is now divorced/on the way? Why are things going so poorly for the Boy's family on the relationship front, when they're such interesting and good people? Why do people think that this shirt is attractive? Why is Mason so awesome? Why do the people in my family vacillate between stupidly elaborate weddings and secretive clandestine hitchings? Why do my students think they can all get away with writing the same fucking exam? Why didn't anyone tell me about this new Christopher Moore book? Why am I making mad cash for eating food?

"Why can't a mouse eat a streetcar? Why oh why oh why?" – Woody Guthrie

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