January 31, 2007
things i meant to mention
  1. My dad is retiring, and may be in a position to loan us money for a house downpayment.
  2. The Boy's dad's wife left him last weekend.
  3. My uncle is getting married. No one was invited.
  4. My uncle may be getting married because his partner has cancer. Or not.
  5. I earned $15 on Monday eating chili.
  6. I just finished marking 17 nearly-identical final exams. Why the cheating? Because some chucklehead pulled the fire-alarm 10 minutes into the exam and the kids had about 30 minutes to consult.
  7. I wore The World's Ugliest Shirt today and several people told me how nice it looked on me (including Mason).

I think I need to lie down for awhile.

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