March 19, 2007
rotten egglund

Well, that was a weird day. While we were vacationing in NY this week, our trip was cut short by a pervasive stomach bug that started with Good Hank and then worked its way through every adult but me. I was congratulating myself on my excellent immune system when I started to feel…funny. Last night I was woken by my ominously rumbling stomach. And although I knew that I would face heat from my supervisor and colleagues tomorrow, I called in sick. Because, really: do you want to be caught in a portable when you're sick to your stomach? Especially when the bathroom is at least 100 icy metres away? I didn't think so.

The especially weird thing about today was that after the morning of Strange Intestinal Symphonies, I went to sleep for 5 hours straight and woke up seemingly cured. I'm still a little delicate, but I was able to eat a full dinner with no ill effects. And I managed to finish my report card cycle, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Tomorrow, as a reward for my good health, I get to face my horrible classes – and even the good class is going to want to know why nothing was marked this week. As Richard Burton once said to Elizabeth Taylor, "I'm really looking forward to this, Martha."

Still working on the vacation entry. I managed to wallop out a summary version, but it doesn't satisfy. Give me a few days to tweak it. Plus, we can all save room for pictures.

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