March 10, 2007
satellite's gone up to the skies

"And the Lord came down from Mount Chinguacousy / With a handful of [something] and an uzi…" – Friendly Rich

"The milk was low-cal but what did it matter? All of her hopes and reams had been shattered…" – Daniel Johnston

I just realized that I haven't thrown in any gratuitous music quotations in a long time. How will you know it's me if I don't go all opaque & name-droppy on you? I even have the perfect opportunity this entry as I'm planning two music outings this spring: one to see Daniel Johnston with the Boy, as DJ is coming to town in honour of the Boy's 33rd birthday (hee!) and the other to see Laura Barrett & Friendly Rich at the Tranzac (it'll be just like the BIAF, except I never saw Rich there and we won't be in B-ton, but other than that, exactly like it.)

It's kind of a drag to go to work after you've scored tickets for something you're really excited about and not be able to share your joy. Even the music teacher was snotty about not knowing Daniel. Of course, he may just be snotty. Hard to tell.

Last night the Boy & I went knitting. I enjoyed myself tremendously, as always, despite not being able to drown Michelle & Jen in tequila. Sitting next to Amy allowed me to shamelessly show off her new pink beret, as if I had anything to do with it. (Sample conversation: Knit Night Regular: "hey Amy, nice beret." (they point at me). Amy: "thanks!" Hee hee hee. As if that wasn't enough, she also gave me some dark lip gloss. I am so spoiled.) Sophie & I smoked another clove in our continuing series. Drea graciously consented to edge my garter stitch animal blanket, so I gave her the rest of the yarn. The Boy began a new scarf with a gateway yarn, Noro Kureyon. And thanks to the actual knitting I got in, I'm now nearly finished the Blake's DinoHood!

Life, at the start of this March Break, is a pretty sweet fruit.

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