March 13, 2007
do you expect me to talk? no, i expect you to buy

Wow, my track record for March is sucking rocks. Let's see if I can't put my vacation to better use.

Went to the zoo today with Sarah & Hestia & Gwen & Proserpina & the Boy & the Blake. We unwittingly picked the best day for zoo trippin', and the place was PACKED. (Unlike last year, when we battled howling icy winds instead of overflowing parking lots.) The three tots enjoyed the mild weather, fearlessly stomping through all puddles with no thought of danger. My boots filled up with water (again), but it wasn't until the end of the day that I realized that both soles are cracked clean up to the lining. What great value for something I've been wearing less than three months.

It was kind of a weird day. We spent a lot of time waiting in lines to get in, and then waiting on the highway to get home. I did my best to be cheerful, and I think I did okay, but my wet feet really undermined my mood. At least we had good food (Opera Sarah packed a wonderful lunch) and the kiddies had a good time running through the trails.

The exciting news is that we've been pre-approved for a gigantic mortgage. How gigantic? {evil villain voice} A quarter of a million dollars!! Hee. In Gomorrah, that wouldn't buy us much, but in B-ton, we have much more choice. And the best thing about buying at that range is that we're looking at older houses in well-established areas with green spaces and schools. Since we're rapidly entering the school years with Blake, this is essential. (My pipe dream is to send both Blake & the Boy off to the same school in the morning, holding hands and packed lunches.)

Although it's tremendously exciting, I have the feeling of spinning my wheels while the car's in neutral: now that we have the go-ahead, I just want to buy the damn house already! The only problem is, which house?

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