February 21, 2007
84: cabled cotswold hat

I finally knit up the Cotswold Handspun I bought at GVF this summer. It is an absolute dream - single-ply undyed goodness, with wee bits of twigs every once in awhile for perspective. While I was in the store, the boys were outside, making friends with the livestock. I love that I'll be wearing a hat made of yarn that came from a sheep Blake met.

This hat was cast on at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival, and ribbed to the soothing sounds of Ultra Magnus, Raised By Swans, the Diableros & Geoff Berner. The main body was worked during other days of the fest, and carries fond memories of Laura Barrett, The Nihilist Spasm Band and Giant Killer Shark (the Musical).

The pattern is the store freebie, a simple combo of ribs and cables that I've already done twice to some unsuspecting balls of Noro Kureyon. I think I may even have enough in the second skein for mittens, if I'm really careful!

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