March 10, 2007
86 & 87: chunky navy acrylic twins

More stashbusting, this time for Hugs for Homeless Animals. In the course of making this blanket I finished my last ball of blue Patons chunky acrylic from my first project and had to raid the "teach other people to knit" stash I have at Bat Masterson High (a.k.a. work) just so I can have a square instead of a strip. But half-way through we had a crisis, and so...

...with the other end of the ball, I started a top-down hat with the navy, modeled on a hat knit for my brother in the 70's and in heavy rotation on Blake's head until it was lost a few weeks ago at the grocery store. This took very little time, yet it stalled when I had to raid the work stash again for some powder blue...

...that allowed me to finish the blanket, since I used up so much navy on the hat! Phew!

meet the new hat, same as the old hat

I should also mention that Drea very kindly crocheted an edging around the finished blankie at the March Knit Night Out. It gives the square a finished look, rather than a "random crap from my stash" look. She ended up granny squarin' the powder blue, so she took it home at the end of the night. You don't say no to the Queen of the Grannies.

they're more fraternal than identical

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