March 14, 2007

Speaking of Dirk Nightshade, he's famous (albeit anonymously)!

The other day, I met a young man (when you're my age, they're all young men) who was knitting his first project. Unsurprisingly, it was a garter stitch scarf. It was about six or seven inches wide, and he had about six or seven inches worth done, so he had what looked like a lovely square garter stitch potholder. He told me that he had started the scarf nearly a year ago, got this much done, put it down for a while—like ten months—and only now had he picked it up again.

I nodded and smiled and told him he was doing a good job and that it would get faster and easier—but in the dark recesses of my brain I thought: “Oh, just bind it off. Call it a potholder and bind it off. It's fine, you've learned garter stitch, it's time to move on.”

- David Demchuk, "It's the little things," Knit Like a Man, Spring Knitty

I'm proud to have been the enabler that brought Dirk to Lettuce that night, not to mention giving him knitting lessons in the first place. It's almost like being famous myownself.

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