February 25, 2007
she's in parties

The rest of my week was crap, thankyouverymuch. Ok, I exaggerate for the drama. Several parts of it were not crap and quite lovely, actually. I even had a wonderful end-of-the-week class from the class that makes me want to cry with frustration most days, so I ended on a high note. And even if they had been as horrid as I'd anticipated, there was always the Portable Feast to cheer me up.

See, like myself, my prep-mate Dorcas moved to what my principal likes to call "the chalets" at the beginning of the semester. She suggested that the two of us and Bruno (another prep-mate who loves food) should have a portable party. This suggestion reminded me of the wine & cheese crawls on Fireball night back in the old days of Ferg, and I jumped in with both feet.

Last Friday was the first night we put our plan into effect, and although it wasn't the booze-soaked high-heeled extravaganza of a Fergcrawl, it was tasty and amusing to sit in a portable on Friday afternoon and shoot the shit with the other two. It's probably a good thing that it was alcohol-free, as I now have evening duties that are much worsened by liquor. There's no reason I can't bring out a metallic cocktail dress, though. I'm just saying.

On Saturday we went into the city. We met Cheryl & Dirk at the Knit Café, and spent a very good hour eating, crafting & chasing Blake around. Blake distinguished himself that day by staying dry & clean all morning, an achievement that earned him a Toy Story 2 storyboard postcard. (Dude. Whatever works.) I only wish we could have stayed longer, but we were due at Opera Sarah's for Hestia's 2nd birthday party. We were even an hour & a half behind schedule, which I only mention because we're always extremely punctual to Sarah's parties, which allows us first crack at the food (very important). This time, we let other people eat unmolested.

I always enjoy myself at these parties, but I was especially buoyed by Blake's joy. (He, Orion & Hestia spend a good long time jumping up and down on the Rat's bed while holding his Thundercat action figures. It was a glorious tumult, and no one enjoyed it more than the Rat.) Our major contribution to the event (besides the obligatory 2 knit hats) was to bring in a case of beer. There's nothing quite so wonderful as a child's party, unless it's a child's party when you're drinking a beer. Not to get drunk, of course, but to take the edge off the screeching, the continual refereeing, the food negotiations ("no, you can't skip straight to the cake") and so forth. My only wish would have been that some of the non-parents could have made the scene – but looking at it from their perspective it may not be a surprise that other things got in the way, much like a prone toddler when you're trying to get down the hallway.

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