February 21, 2007
83: another hat for Hestia

A hat for Hestia! I clearly like knitting for this family. This is made out of yarn given to me by her mother and with inspiration from Vogue Quick Knits & a d6. The Vogue hat was alternating bands of purls & knits, so I decided to geek out and use a die to determine the number of rows. The picot hem on the brim didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but that's ok. At least Hestia likes it.

she loves wearing hats, she's just not into being held in place

Despite swatching beforehand, it's a bit looser than I wanted it, which really makes it look like a flapper lid. Neat!

I love how the decreases and alternating bands turn the crown into a rosette

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