January 21, 2007
knit yer stash hardcore: the remnants

I'm a bit visually backlogged these days. The Boy's mittens, which were done in time for Christmas, await their closeup, as does Opera Sarah's flaming elf hat, finished last week. (I cheated on the gift-maker's code of ethics yesterday and test-drove it during a walk with Blake. It is G-E-W-D gewd.)

I can, however, offer one wee picture, and an observation. Observation: now that I'm knitting from my stash, I find myself digging really deep for inspiration. Not that I don't have lots of gaw-geous stash yarns awaiting their turns on the needles; in fact, I have so much yarn potential that going through my stash makes me feel vaguely nauseated with panic. The only thing I can liken the feeling to is my journalling, and how I feel guilty when I take an exciting trip and delay in the writing. Going though my stash makes me feel like I've taken a year's worth of trips and failed to even note the restaurants I liked or what colour of striped tights I scored. Some trips I've even forgotten altogether (hello, cheap Nova Gothic tweed).

But my core observation is this: I'm not only knitting from my stash this month, I'm knitting up my remnants. Left-over acrylic from my earliest days has become a storage issue and that Knitting For Peace book is a godsend; there are a million and one ways to use up my odds & ends of acrylic while feeling good about myself. The soft acrylic that I thought was going to hang around until I died is destined for the Hugs for Homeless Animals' Snuggles project. The bulky acrylic left over from my first scarf is almost completely gone, knit into a matching Scarf Rescue Hat (thanks to the Harlot for the inspiration & pattern), and what's left will also be a H4H blanket. The worsted acrylic? More bears for the Mother Bear Project, and through them, AIDS orphans & victims.

This is actually way more fun than I thought it would be. For one thing, it alleviates any guilt I may feel about Pre-resolution SEX (stash enhancing expeditions). For another, my stash bins are emptying, which means more room for the yarn I love. The only problem is that I'm knitting more than I'm finishing. I think I need a new KAL - February is for Finishing, maybe.

The other good news is that the latest pair of blue koigu booties have been photographed beautifully:

knit protection program

If only my yarn was as beautiful as him.

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