January 18, 2007
evil sweepy thing

I have mentioned the digestive illness that swept through my house like an evil sweepy thing, and I have mentioned my on-going nausea. Everyone was falling like nine-pins; telling horrible tales of painful, soul-wracking vomiting; and I truly believed that I was next. Last night I felt quite sick, and skipped dinner. But today, the day I took off from work?


I mean: nothing. I slept late and woke up with a headache. Skipped breakfast, of course. But by noon, when the nausea had failed to reappear, I had to admit to myself that there wasn't a blessed thing wrong with me, so I started eating again.

And thus I bestowed a day off upon myself. Did I mark? No. Did I clean up? God, no. Did I write? A little. Did I knit? Oh, yeah. And did I crack open some DVD's & graphic novels? You bet. It was fun in a low-expectations sort of way. And way better than throwing up until my skin hurt.

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