May 21, 2006
sockapalooza finale!

I am over a week late in getting this entry up and running. I guess I figured that since I made my sock deadline, I didn't have to worry about the follow-up blogging.

My pumpkin soup socks went away on May 1. I was sorry to see them go.

After that, I waited. I waited. I waited just like a kid who's sent off boxtops. Every day I asked my mom if there was mail for me. And then, the day I got ready to rush off to a Team Canada knitnight: there they were!

They're simple but elegant. They're warm but washable. They feel snuggly and good and I have a hard time taking them off once they go on. And, coming from the Northwest Territories, they're better traveled than I am. I love them. Thanks, Ann!

navy blue
socks. there's two.

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