May 18, 2006
the knitters in the sun do sing it

I made it out to another knitting at night event with Team Canada last weekend. It was a smaller turnout than last weekend, but no less fun. As soon as I came in, I was recognized by my purse and Amy (EoK) immediately compared my belt to one of her t-shirt designs. It’s nice to feel that wave of love when you walk in a strange bar. I got an avalanche of help, too: Denny finished my Iron Folk Festival Sox (!!) and Jean offered to embroider my Blu jeans if I was still stuck in a month’s time (!). And Cheryl accepted my invitation out, and we got to talk toddler as well as knitting.

You know, sometimes it’s just excellent to be in a room with a bunch of women who don’t think you’re strange for thinking about borders, seams, lace, seed stitch and yarn all the time.

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