May 18, 2006
halleluia, i adore it!

"We’re like pendulums / arms swinging by our sides." - sarah harmer

"Take a hike Pendulum. No one likes your style." - blake’s somewhat garbled recitation of “New Boots

"Can we sing?" "This is our house, baby! We can do whatever we feel."

Tired but happy. My mom took me to see Hair last night, and in addition to the wonderful performance, I got a beautiful hand-printed cotton dress and a chance to reminisce fondly about The Jersey Giant. I’ve never seen a production of Hair in any medium, I was just there to have a good time. And it was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the cast members infiltrating the audience before the production; I got to feel Hud’s pants as I invited him to stroke my soft velour sleeve. Groovy!

”I don’t have the same love of velour as you.” - kip

It was such a transporting piece of fantasy, just as romantic as the hippie ideals. You were supposed to feel like you could happily live in the Tribe; and thought I know better, I was momentarily transformed by the idea of being a far out free-love chick.

I was, however, disappointed that they broke from tradition and didn’t get people on stage. (If there was ever a week for me to get up on stage and dance, it would be this week.) My mom purposely got aisle seats just in case (as I told Hud, she’s cool), but no go. Then again, the audience was very reverential and subdued, so maybe the actors were just reacting to the night.

”It’s like an Artesian well of milk.” – one of my students summarizes what his classmate wants in a beverage

Tonight the Boy & I celebrated Blake’s first overnight away from us with a fine Thai meal. I just may even go to bed early. Crazy!

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