May 19, 2006
rocketbride: superhero in the basement

After dinner last night, the Boy & I tried to follow up our excellent dinner with a movie. Unfortunately, we’re in a movie slump right now, and the choice between Just My Luck and Poseidon is no choice at all. So instead, the Boy decided he wanted to rent Babe: Pig in the City to admire its artistry and heroic filmmaking. Since part of my life’s work is to support the Boy’s continual quest for Quality in unlikely places, it seemed like a good idea. Verdict tomorrow, when we’ve watched it through.

Now, instead of retro, I’ll be spending the night in front of the teevee with a beer. I’m not as angry about this as I might be elsewhen; BMM has levelled off a lot of my need to be noticed, and I do have a lot of Hair imagery to process without the distraction of wearing PVC pants. A bientot.

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