May 10, 2006
48: iron folk festival socks

The Boy's Iron Folk Festival Sox are well done (and only three days late for his birthday!), using "Whitby" (a Nancy Bush pattern from Knitting on the Road) and some "interesting" yarn. On the advice of a Romni employee, I've combined a grey superwash DGB Confetti yarn with an unidentified mill end (which is prolly wool). The cuff uses three strands as originally proposed, but the leg is down to two. (I had to rip back after I discovered that the cloth was just too thick for the simple cables.)

I don't know where my head was when I knit the first toe; I decreased far too soon and had to knit a long snout so the Boy's long toe would fit. I was much more conscientious in trying on the second sock as it was knit, and in consequence the second toe shaping is much much better.

I prefer the round bill grey sock to the snub nosed grey sock

Good thing the Boy likes quirky knits. These should see him through a very rainy StanFest. Hurrah!

I had help at the very end: when I brought them to the Team Canada Meet Up, Amy (EoK) reminded me that Denny loves finishing. "I can't just ask her to weave in my ends!" I laughed. "Yes you can," Amy assured me. "You don't even need to ask, just drop a hint."

I felt like such a whore. Of course she did the most beautiful job, leaving only one wee end which I did before going to bed that night. It was, literally, the least I could do.

all i can think of is hoops of steel

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