May 02, 2006

I got my period today. I’m kind of disappointed; somewhere in my irrational train of thought, I concluded that if Andrea were pregnant and one of my co-workers were pregnant, than surely I must be pregnant as well. I can’t explain it with any logic.

I got the second draft of my fourth evaluation back from Goneril today. Only half of the suggestions I made were included, although she did take out the part about how no one of colour answered questions or spoke out in my class. The whole thing’s pretty crap overall. If this Bat Masterson thing works out, I may request another evaluation. Because, honestly? My evaluations were better in teacher’s college, and I know I’m a better teacher now. I’m now less likely to get a job than I was four years ago.

I’ve always kept the possibility of a big exit in the back of my mind. Maybe it’s time I picked out the song to play Goneril’s head like a bongo.

”Hey, she’s really getting a good sound outta that girl.”

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