April 30, 2006
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We had a great afternoon today. I had planned to do rather more, but we ended up open to chance, and as such, we found ourselves in some good places.

To start: we rushed downtown after church to catch Stacy selling silkscreened baby clothes at a Queer Zine, Arts & Crafts Festival. I wore the skull & bones tights she gave me under my long church skirt, and Scherezade’s modified Jane’s Addiction shirt under my blouse. (I decided not to worry about wearing a sleeveless tank while not shaving my armpits for a week; if I were to get a free pass for pit stubble anywhere in the world, it would be at a queer festival.) I am nothing if not enhanced by the generosity of my girlfriends.

Blake found the festival a little overwhelming; although he was roundly praised by all and sundry for his Ramones t-shirt (another gift from Stacy), he mostly wanted to hang out in the light and quiet upstairs. He was also kind of freaked by Mo, who was wearing a Trogdor shirt (which Blake has only seen on his dad). So we stuck around for an hour, trying to bribe him with peanut butter, and then gave in. Dirk was supposed to meet us there with my Bridesmaidmania dress, but he didn’t. Meet us there, that is (nor did he have my dress, as I later discovered). So, after cramming as much talk into the time that we could, and after buying a blue onesie for someone special and reserving a toddler-sized shirt for Blake, and after buying a button that said “i love stretch marks,” we went on our merry way.

”Man, he’s the coolest baby ever.”
”You should have seen him this week, when he started headbanging to Tom Waits.”

- an admirer of Blake & I discuss his fabulosity

I decided to get some wool for Pixie’s b-day present, so we all headed into the sunny afternoon for some shopping. We found our way into Kingly, which is much better when you have a little guy who needs some play time. Very tempted by the Frog and Toad dolls, but Blake didn’t ask so we left without. We stopped into the Knit Café and quickly made ourselves at home. This is the Boy’s favourite yarn store, as it allows him to eat and relax without feeling in the way of other shoppers. Two women were knitting and chatting, and they both felt the need to compliment me on my straw hat and bat bag. Glee! So I shmoozed and celebrated my new job with some retail therapy while the Boy & Blake had a cookie. Awesome.

And then we went home, the absence of Dirk the only cloud on our horizon. I very much need more afternoons like this.

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