April 17, 2006
46: blue booties

Stay-On Booties in Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (429? I lost the ball band) for special little feet (no, not mine). I had help in picking up stitches for the second one from Annie Modesitt, who sat next to me at the April Team Canada Meet-up. (In the picture, you can see her knitting with my needles.) From browsing her site, I find that she charges 35 American dollars for private lessons. Eeep! Maybe she did this for me because we bonded over our mutual love of good government, or maybe because I lent her some needles & yarn when she didn't have anything. In any case, I'm honoured to knit her stitches.

Part of a care package for Miles Ethan. I've known Miles' dad since he used to write "Countdown to the Big 4-0", back before blogs when one coded one's on-line journal by hand. This was back when the most famous web picture of me looked like this:

i know. cheesy.

I started to write back & forth with Miles' mum when she started dating his dad. She's a teacher (like me) with an impressive knowledge of music (not like me). And she's blonde. And cute. So's Miles.

The eldest two sent me a care package when Blake was a tiny muffin; I have been late about getting our package together and so I had to experiment with bootie sizing. There's nothing crummier than a handknit gift that's already too small by the time it reaches Austin.

once again, i apologize for the crap photo.
stupid 3-seconds-behind-the-fun camera.

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