April 26, 2006
wwt 3: a new hope!

Hooray! The shout goes all across the land:

World’s Worst Teacher Hired at Bat Masterson High!!

I did another interview yesterday, and by golly, they loved me! They really loved me!

So as of 6 a.m. tomorrow, I will have accepted a position at a school no more than 10 minutes from my parents’ house. Important developments:

  1. It is now possible for the Boy to accept a job in Gomorrah and for us to move there, because I now work very close to my babysitter’s house.
  2. It is now possible for me to think about getting pregnant in the next two years, and
  3. If the Boy gets a job, we may have the luxury of choice as to where we live. Not just location, as covered in point 1, but whether or not we stay here to save money. All the better to build a down payment on a cool Gomorrah house!

And yet.

  1. I will be leaving the only school I have taught as WWT.
  2. I will be leaving some top-drawer colleagues, such as Grace, Samuel & Saint Theresa. How will I ever find someone who understands me as well as Theresa? What will my departure do to her psyche after the recent departure of her younger sister? Oh, guilt, my old friend.
  3. I will be leaving my excuse for mediocrity at Hogsboro High. It’s been 4 years of an administration convinced I was a bumbling idiot; what will I do now that I’m expected to be, well, excellent?
  4. I will have to move classrooms for the fourth time in four years. Drag.

I’m trying to figure out how best to celebrate this. A new tattoo (perhaps that snake I’ve been planning)? A fancy dinner (ooh, Barbarians!)? A new knitting book that I don’t strictly need but really want (like, um, Knitting Rules or Mason-Dixon Knitting)? Paying a webhosting company for my own domain (www.rocketbride.ca, zooming your way!) Or lots of expensive yarn (like that sea protein stuff or silk)? Fluevogs?

And then there’s my current responsibilities. I plan to put the “coast” back in teaching. “Sorry kids, I can’t explain anything to you. Ms. Rocketbride doesn’t care about you anymore. Better luck with my replacement.” Heh. I just spent my entire bus duty today chewing the fat with various kids. I can’t see myself turning off the kids, even if I get a little sketchy on the lesson planning. And yet I have that power. Awesome.

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