April 22, 2008
conference confidence

Spider Update: I killed two more before going to bed last night, and six more this morning (including two that tried kamakazes run on Blake in the bath and ended up floating in the water). I did battle with a further three while Blake was in the bath, but they proved wily adversaries and all three escaped. When Blake got out of the tub and flushed the spiders in the toilet, I saw three there, which is one more than I remember. So I'm going to say that my new total score is 20, with a possible but unconfirmed 21st kill. The war continues.

Apparently today was my day for being asked personal questions. Every time I tried to draw an analogy to a common experience, one kid would ask me if that happened to me. The first example was date rape, and the second was retail therapy. Gah. Like I need to experience something to know about it...although I must say that I have done a full course of retail therapy in my time. Anyone remember last spring's TTC knitalong? My credit card company sure does.

Conversation last night:

Blake: Nic has a conference.
Me: What?
B: Nic has a conference.
Me: Honey, I have no idea what you're talking about.
B: Nic has a conference. Like Daddy has a B---- Conference.*
M: Um. I think you mean girlfriend. Nic has a girlfriend.
B: Conference!
M: If you say so.
B: (jumping up and down on the couch) B---- Conference! B---- Conference!

* According to Blake, a "B---- Conference" happens on the computer, so it's either a video phone call or B---- is an AI. I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

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