April 11, 2008
this morning's conversation...

...has gone away. Please adjust your caches accordingly.

Just a brief word on why I took down yesterday's entry. I believe the comments that were offered were made in the spirit of kindness and helpful advice. They were politely phrased and good-intentioned. Even if they were none of those things, I don't believe that my comments should be positive, supportive or even polite. I don't want an audience of sycophants. I want you to call me on my bullshit if you think I need it.

But at this point I am very very sensitive to the suggestion that I am a bad mother in any way, so while I don't feel the comments were even indirectly hinting this, and the comments themselves were perhaps not worthy of my reaction, my reaction is what it is. I told a few people this story face to face and I think that privately is the way to go sometimes. I just thought it was a funny little anecdote. Sorry to give any other impression.

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