April 16, 2008
pur belly

Now that I'm in my second session of belly dance, I find myself much more at ease and much happier with the dance. Last night was my second class of the second session, and I noticed that some of the other women were getting a bit uptight about their difficulty with the steps. Juuki handled it well, of course, but I privately decided to help as much as I could, so I made sure that when we were playing the games, I went straight to the most vocal critic and fairly beamed positivity. I got her smiling by the end, which was awesome. Next class, a new grouch. And the best part about it was that there's another repeater in this session, and she's sharing my self-imposed cheerleading duties. (And she lives on my street, and she's coming over to my house to dance on the weeks when Juuki is at the belly dance conference. I drove away last night trying to figure out how I landed a BFF. It's cute.)


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