March 24, 2008
and the world says, 'kiss me, son of god'

My Easter weekend in pictures.

Friday – Joyce's knitting & a movie + Savage Retro:

Saturday - dyeing:

Sunday – the amigurumi bunny returns on the third day:

easter chums

Monday – knitting, headaches, fulling:

turn around, turn around

Not pictured: a colossaly awesome Saturday night gig of Geoff Berner's at which Nic drove me from the table with his stink and I had to go to the back of the room until the loud giggling subsided. As I was doubled over, someone asked me if I was okay, and it was Geoff. Later in the show, he started ripping an indulgent accordion solo, and I started waving around the table candle. Nic, who was standing at the back of the room at this point, heard two things: on one side, "that girl's holding up a lighter! Awesome!" and on the other side, "oh, Aleta." Did I know someone else there? Weird and fun.

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