March 18, 2008
jokes that only make me laugh

My house is obsessed with They Might Be Giants. By "my house" I mean me and Blake and by "They Might Be Giants" I mean the song Ana Ng. Blake listens to that song between 5-10 times a day, usually in sets of at least 4 repeats. And he dances, trying his best to imitate the dance of the Johns. It's too cute. And I don't even mind hearing it over and over because it's a kickass song and I know he gets his obsessive tendencies from me.

(There is also a really cool stop motion animated fan-art version of the video. Really, it's too awesome for words.)

Speaking of things I enjoy, we now move into the realm of jokes I have recently made up that are too obscure for anyone to enjoy but me.

1. A joke brought on by 4 hours of marking 1984 essays. When I started to misread "Room 101" as "Room lol", I knew there had to be a cute picture in there somewhere.

(One of my students suggested "lolrats", but I still think the joke is dead on the table.)

2. I am knitting swatches for Laura, and have decided to call myself Team Swatch You Like A Hurricane. (Here I am!)

3. Dude, I don't even know where this came from.

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