April 25, 2008
the natural ornaments of the season

Tonight I was supposed to have a night in with Blake, but he decided to have a sleep-over at Camp Grampa, leaving me free. Then Scherezade called to invite me to a party celebrating the completion of her first semester back at school, which seemed heaven-sent. But by 6, I realized that if I had just drank an entire can of Diet Coke with supper and still felt the urge to crawl into bed and sleep for a year, then driving an hour to get to a party might be a bad idea. So I opened a new bag of sunflower seeds and set up four different books on the back of the couch for when I finished my current novel (Flashman and the Angel of the Lord).

It's been an odd week. As spring rushes upon us, I'm still feeling beat down and ill; there's this charming rattle that sneaks into my laugh whenever I'm really enjoying something, and it makes me sound like my Grandmother. I'm not ezzactly sick, but neither am I ezzactly well, and an early night of pure indulgence seems just about the perfect cure.

Last night at my troupe practice I discovered to my joy that Juuki does not need to be there to rally her troops. I was afraid that with Juuki at the belly dance conference, the rest of us would be too retiring to run an effective practice. Last night may not have been as focussed as it is when Juuki's running the show, but we are far from passive and today I was feeling it in my knee and my arms (who rebelled at the amount of blackboard writing I required of them).

I'm really glad that we are pulling together as a troupe. Even if I'm not the dance dervish everyone teases me about, I don't want to be a star. It's better than awesome to be a part of such an enthusiastic group of ladies.

Today Mason finished the wrap-around sweater he's been knitting for his wife for almost half a year. (Too bad they split up two weeks ago, but it's a hell of a sweater. I'd take it if I were her.)

I was so proud that I took the long ends of Suri yarn and had the cool family studies teacher braid them into my hair. She is used to decorating horses, so this came easily to her. I had an immediate flashback to the Animal Farm musical, and took care to remember that if I were obedient, I'd not feel the whip.

pretty ribbons in my maneā€¦

In other news, it's spring!

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