March 23, 2007
margarita dreaming

I am indulging myself tonight. We have beer, corn chips, all 7 issues of "The Eternals," and a baby who didn't take a nap and may just need an early bedtime. The only other thing I may want is a margarita on an Annex patio, but I can live with this. It's just that when the day is sunny & bright, when it's warm enough to be out but not warm enough to bask…I think of Seth, and a big chilly margarita, and casual res acquaintances, and eating nachos while the sun goes down.

Now that the week is over I can see that I've worked hard. Comes from all that stress, I suppose – I was phoning it in before the March Break and now all those professional bills came due. This week I worked double-time to pay them off; now that it's over for a couple of days, it's nice to kick back with my boys.

Speaking of the boys, they will be my only companions this weekend, as I was un-invited from Lesbian Brunch the very next day. I'm not really hurt (maybe a little miffed), which doesn't really stack up against centuries of pain & torture inflicted on homosexuals throughout history. I guess I can take a little hurt for the breeder team (which I didn't even affiliate myself with, but okay.)

I even get a bonus boy: Dirk will be seeing the sights of B-ton tomorrow. Now I just have to figure out what those sights might be. I'm thinking: the mall…and Mount Chinguacousy. You'd think I could come up with more, having lived here for most of my life, but no. As teenagers we used to hang out everywhere, as long as it was dark. And as a young adult, it was bars. Since neither of those are specific/interesting/appropriate for an afternoon with a 3-year-old in tow, I'm still trying to come up with something interesting. I suppose that itself speaks volumes.

I got an update from Preacher via the email: Good Hank has rotavirus & a wicked double ear infection. I think we'll try this again in the summer; a little less puking would only improve my already-high opinion of Watertown.

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