March 28, 2007
it's in the can

"If I don't strangle [insert student name here] by the end of the semester, I want you to nominate me for the Union's Award of Excellence."
- my first comment at lunch today

It's hard being me. Well, actually, it's not: lots of meaningful work, a nice family, and the excitement of moving lies tantalyzingly close. Plus, I pulled two Homestar Runner fans out of the closet at lunch today. Or rather, they jumped out of the closet when I started talking about something being forward-compatible.

However, I did discover a defaced book in my classroom: "FUCK YOU BITCH" scratched into my paperback copy of The Mummy. Dude, did you not see The Stone Angel? Why not screw up a book that no one wants to read?

Sigh. I'd rather be dancing. Unfortunately, although I can blast "She's In Parties" as loud as I choose, and sit in the dark and plan an outfit, the reality is that I have no time for dancing this weekend, or next weekend, or… Another sigh. Nostalgia is useless and painful. You heard it here first.

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