January 14, 2007
the postcards are also cursed

"I just got to say, 'Jose, I need another shot because we spilled the tequila into the yarn!'" - another Michelle quote from last night.

Kind of frustrated today, both with myself (flighty, vaguely nauseous), my husband (still not perfect, despite my nagging), and my son (5 poopy diapers in one day may be a sign of illness but if it keeps up I am going on strike). I didn't do my marking this weekend, and I'm feeling crummy as a direct result. I think I want to go to bed & get away from it all. Blech.

Things Blake digs about toilet training:

  1. new flushable wipes, which have a funny little starfish on the box
  2. eating the slice of chocolate orange after a successful episode with #2
  3. talking about getting a Toy Story 2 postcard, of which there are 4, and which he will receive if he can stay dry & clean for a morning or an afternoon
  4. his noisy Elmo Uses the Potty book
  5. applause when he gets it right
Things Blake does not dig about toilet training:
  1. not having a Toy Story 2 postcard
  2. sitting in the bathroom for a half-hour and wasting time "just in case" because he won't tell us if he needs to go
  3. the need to alert us instead of sitting in his own wastes
  4. interrupting his "business" to use the potty
  5. when Mommy insists on bare bum drills (they work, although we haven't been able to extend one past 40 minutes)
  6. our sighs when he slips up


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Don't make me send out the Blake. He doesn't listen to *anyone.*