January 03, 2007
knitting circles

Hey, I did something last night! After a day of hollow amusements (skating, playing at the EYC), I had dinner & scooted off to Jacquie's house for a small but lively knitting circle. Very relaxing and happy-making; most of my stories are new and when that fails we can always smell yarn. I think my favourite part was when we one by one put the knitting down and sat on the floor like undergrads: huddled around a bowl of chips and dip, eating methodically and steadily through the plain ripple chips until only the despised barbeque chips remained. Suddenly knitting was interesting again, and we went back to our chairs. Lovely.

Much later…

I went out this afternoon and had the anti-Saturday. The only thing terrible about it was that I couldn't share it with the Boy & the Blake. First I went downtown – early – and ate excellent sticky General Chow's chicken in a little Chinatown restaurant. Then I met Jenny (seen to the right circa Fireball '97) on the street in front of Lettuce Knit, a-not-entirely-coincidental meet-up as she was going in for yarn. We caught up in a hurry, and I was reminded of why I had liked her so much back in the late nineties. I drove quickly to my hair appointment and was fixed in 45 minutes by a very nice lady who cut my hair a few times when I was pregnant. I was so happy with my restored cuteness that I left a big tip to thank her for her time.

Then I drove quickly to the Paramount & met Dirk for an early showing of Charlotte's Web. (Cute, but too many fart jokes.) I was more ready to be happy tonight, and thus we had a much better time. After the movie was over, we decided to splash on over to the Lettuce Knit sn'b, so we picked up his black scarf-in-progress and went to the Market for knitty fun. And it was awesome - I finally got to hug Amy again, and gawk at Michelle's ginormous new diamond bling (it's big I tells ya!), and touch soft yarn, plus lots of warm moments with the knitters I've missed since the summer. I also had the fun of introducing Dirk to all the people I knew, which I discovered was quite a number. It's always cool for an insecure introvert like myself to walk into a room and be known, let alone welcomed. They're good people in the knitting community, and I should let myself remember that whenever I'm ready to poison my own well because I "have no friends."

"The Lettuce Knit Sn'B! That's us! She thanked us!" – Rachel H. & I search for ourselves in the bran-spanking-new No Sheep For You

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