January 13, 2007
73: kimgnomey hat for big elves

After more than a year of having the yarn in my stash (and knitting it into a Peruvian, which I hated & frogged), I finally made good on my promise to Opera Sarah and knit her a gnome hat for Big Girls. The best part is that I did it in a week once it was started. Hee.

Pattern is the now-thoroughly-tested blend of Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Garter brim flavour (for CO numbers, measurements before decreases, and ear flaps) and Hello Yarn's Gnomey baby hat, which has excellent pointy decreases. My only real mods other than the pattern blend itself is to knock about 1/2 to 1 inch off the body of the hat and maybe add in an extra decrease set right at the end before BO because of the larger CO numbers.

Yarn is Manos del Urugay, in a colour called (I believe) Fire. Worth every penny and more. Photo to come when Opera Sarah gets it!

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