January 06, 2007

Well, I did some marking. I slept extremely late (again), then hauled myself and my family to Cheryl's house for Maya's 1st birthday. Very low-key, just us and the grandparents and the kiddies. Their house is beautiful, and makes me wish that we'd put off children until a more financially encouraging phase of our lives. Oh well.

When we came home the Boy dropped me off at the library for an hour & a half of dishearteningly crappy essays. Only two and a half more classes to go. Gar. I fully expect to be completely beastly tomorrow as my return to work draws nearer. If I'm lucky, I can channel my negative energy into housework. If I'm not lucky, well…let's just say that if I'm not lucky, my family won't be lucky either. Not because I want them to suffer, but because my implosion will be messy.

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