January 09, 2007
folic acid & forgiveness

"One velvet morning when I'm straight…"

I was vaguely nauseous all day today, most notably in the morning. I'm still not ruling out the change in hours and the change in eating times, but my co-workers are starting to snicker. (Except for Poppy, who's downright hopeful that I'm knocked up.) Just to be on the safe side, I took a dose of folic acid today. And I wasn't spazzy at all, just thoughtful.

I've narrowed my life down to three goals:

  1. buy a house (move out of the basement
  2. get financial affairs in order (consolidate debt)
  3. get the Boy a permanent teaching contract

It seems that the order of priority is the exact reverse of chronological order, and that I have to go from the bottom up. That doesn't bother me. I have high hopes for 2 & 3, as they just involve a little paperwork and a little luck. Number 1 will be the big fish.

Today's blog prompt is "forgive & forget. I think." It reminds me of a paper that is tacked behind the desk of the co-worker with whom I share a laptop; there's a list there for living well and one of the items is "be in a state of constant forgiveness." Is that condescending? I don't think so. I think that as vulnerable animals, we're mentally wired for defence, so a little conscious forgiveness may just be the antidote for some anxiety. I know that I could have used some forgiveness on my parents during the mouse clean up last night. And I could stand to forgive myself for being an interrupty spaz at work.

Now I'm going to forgive myself for being tired and go to sleep while I put my son to bed.

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