January 10, 2007
three to grow on

In order of importance:

1. The mice situation

Since Stacey asked and I hate to be confusing, here is an annotated version of my last illustration:

The Melba Toast came from a box in the drawer below that had been nibbled open (it was thrown away forthwith). I haven't seen anything since Monday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the steel wool my dad stuffed in the cracks are keeping the critters at bay.

2. Up the Stump?

Sadly, no. I made the mistake of taking the test at lunch today, since I didn't want to risk doing the test at home and leaving suspicious garbage that might spring the news before it was ready to be released. First I (very strangely) petitioned a number of lesser-known co-workers for a watch, without telling anyone why. Then I did the test, got the negative, and had to sit through the rest of lunch wrapped around the sudden hollowness. I badly wanted to confess and get a hug from Poppy or Mason, but I couldn't think of a smooth (i.e. non-spazzy) way to accomplish this, so I just kept quiet.

My next class was taught in a bit of a daze, but I got through it all right. Almost cried on the way to my prep room, but I managed to keep a lid on it until the Boy picked me up at the end of yoga.

It's not that it was a convenient thing or a smart thing or even a necessary thing, but it would have been the beginning of the end of my life in the basement. What am I now? Bloated, nauseous, pre-menstrual, and still in the endless limbo of a life somewhere between a frustrated adolescent and an powerless adult.

3. Blake's latest

Blake has decided that he likes "Message to You Rudi" by the Specials; and "Get up off of that thing" and "Like a Sex Machine" by James Brown. We can now keep him happy by putting on the James Brown record and dancing with him. He'll ask for his favourites again and again.

He's also begun to use his magnetic alphabet to spell the word "Robots." I'm so proud.

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