September 26, 2006
61: the eternity bag

It's kind of fitting that I would follow up the anarchy hat with an eternity bag, isn't it?

"Zeeby's Bag" was the first thing I ever made with wool. And what wool! This dark blue stuff from Atchison Acres was so raw that I regularly stopped to pick out wee twigs and leaves. It's a little coarse, but just right for what's essentally a big floppy carry-all.

The project was started in March of 2005. I've knit this bag through 2 funerals, several meetings, and at least one PD session. I'm convinced that knitting the final panel in the hospital, in the middle of the night, while high on morphine and pain, caused my cyst to fix itself.

An interesting development from this project's longevity: this bag has taken so much time that my skills keep advancing before I can finish it. The first time I tried to sew it together I found that the gusset was too long. Eee! So I picked out four rows and bound off again. And also? The straps as written are too short. I frogged both of them and re-knit the wool into longer straps with my circular needles. At various points in the project I have contemplated elaborate embroidery work, only to reject them at the eleventh hour and settle on the embellishments as written. I might still sew on some pretty buttons, though. And I might line it. In fact, I haven't sewn on the pocket as yet, because I'll just have to rip it up if I ever get my thoughts in order on the lining issue.


Now I guess I can finally start Meema's Marsupial Bag - I've had the yarn for just as long, but was too guilty with one unfinished bag to start another!

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