September 16, 2006
55: noro cables

Finished: August 27

Opera Sarah gave me some Kureyon two Fridays ago, as she's fallen out of love with knitting (!) And though I had many projects in the hopper, I found myself casting on later that same day. Madness!

This was my first time knitting with Noro, and I found it just as addictive as reported. Some sections came out of the skein looking like leaf rot, but overall it is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. And it was just enough yarn for the pattern, too - I had maybe 7 inches left over at the end. Very nerve wracking.

The pattern is from Gaspereau Valley Fibres, a free handout I picked up looking for something appropriate for their own handspun Cotswald. Like the Noro, the simplicity of the cabled ribs is highly addictive. Much of this hat was knit at Vacation Bible School, and at odd moments during a Saturday we spent booting around Toronto.

I have no idea who will end up with this hat. It's sized for medium adult, but you can see that it's a nice roomy hat for a little guy too. This is another reason why it should never have been knit in the first place, and yet I can't help but be glad it was.

blake models an unseasonable hat for your benefit. appreciate!

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