September 19, 2006
king of the nursery school

Blake had his first day of nursery school today. I’d have more to say about it if I was at home to drop him off or pick it up; the way things stand, he may have been going to nursery school for a year already. Or he may have started a band. Hard to tell.

Anyway, he likes it reasonably well. He doesn’t have too much to say about it: he knows the name of the teacher, he was happy to make a crown with a feather (and the initials B & G. Good? Gorilla? Goofball?), and when asked about the toys he tells me that there’s a tennis ball. I have a mental image of 9 wee kiddies passing around a single hoary tennis ball. I’m glad we decided to enrol him in a school rich in resources.

Where is this school, I don’t hear any of you asking? Well, it’s in a local highschool. Not Bat Masterson, nor the one I attended as a slender sapling. It’s one of those programs in which a qualified person runs the program and is aided periodically by a class of senior students. Having seen this program in Hogsboro, I have no doubt that it is clean, interesting, and the students will behave correctly in all things or be severely penalized.

I hope he has fun. I just wish I was there to see him go.

This was quite the busy weekend. On Friday I knit it up with the help of several fantastic ladies and a pint & a half of Steamwhistle. On Saturday night, the Boy & I headed out to a downtown bar to help usher Little Spider into her thirties. We found Corona and Mr. Shoreleave there already, and had lots of pleasant conversation as the place filled up. I also discovered that the Boy has some crazy streamer skills. You should hire him for your next child’s birthday party. Little Spider was a) surprised and b) happy, and the Boy & I left way too soon.

On Sunday we accompanied Cheryl & her gang to Centre Island. Kenton had never experienced the splendid kiddie rides, and being a bit of a gearbox, we thought it was a good idea to give him the happiness of driving his own car. We barely got him off the stationary tractor in time to go home. And as an extra added special bonus, we ran into two members of the Original Six Baby Club! I missed those fine ladies. And I’m sure Blake has a lot more to say to Dexter and Eva then he ever did. So an outing will happen in October. This month is shaping into one of those lovely times when you can only see things getting better, at least socially. I’m loving it.

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