September 18, 2006
59: gigantic cozy

finished: September 13

Well, not gigantic. But wayyy too big.

For our sixth anniversary (candy) and for finishing teacher's college (yay!), I decided to give the Boy an iPod. I thought that a cool way to tell him this would be to knit him a cozy, then give up the tech. So I made the iPod size of the Technicolour Cozy (Stitch n' Bitch) out of leftover Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton (RIP Lewiscraft). Aren't the stripes fun? I also decided that I was through with li'l squares of velcro, so I made a button hole instead.

Of course, the pattern wasn't written for the mini. So although I was super-speedy & got it knit in one day (our anniversary, in fact), there wasn't much he could do with it. It sat on the shelf; too speedy to even make my current projects list and too cute to discard entirely.

Flash forward 3 weeks to St. Stephen's wedding. St. Jack, his erstwhile roommate, pulls out a battered 1st generation iPod to access wedding songs. I decide that the cozy had found it's destination. So I came home, finished sewing in ends, took one of the old buttons from my vintage fall coat, and completed this giant cozy.

Even the baboushka can't look at it directly.

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