September 24, 2006
turning into a fish

Very good day today; I skipped church for the third week running and played in the park with Jacquie B. and my boys. Kew Gardens is such an excellent place that it almost makes me wish that we could afford to live in the Beaches. I suppose that when we’re rocking the double income life we could think about it. Until then, there are always roads that will take us there.

So, another week has gone by with little to no writing on my part. Here’s the Coles Notes version:

I went to work, the Boy dropped off a zillion resumes & went to a few interviews, the Blake got through his first week of nursery school, my mom worked too much, Sula called from Edmonton & invited us to a reception at the Duke in a week, Dirk continued to not call me prompting me to get in touch with Lucretia so she could dispel the idea that there was something seriously wrong, I ate at a Vietnamese place for the first time ever, teenagers disrespected me, Blake changed his bedtime without written notice, and I fell down at the mall.

End result? I continue to get paid, the Boy continues to do laundry and take naps during the day, Blake made a crown, my mom yelled at me, I’m pretty sure that as of this moment Dirk’s not dead, and there’s a big ol’ bruise on my knee*. So a pretty good week, all n’ all.

On Friday, my mom took Blake to see her mom at her mom’s favourite restaurant (the Mandarin). The following exchange was reported:

Blake stands staring at the fish pool, digging the huge carp & goldfish. A bossy little girl comes up and starts telling him he can’t stay there.

”You can't do this. Do you think you're a fish?”

”Yes,” says Blake.

”You can't be a fish,” she says (logically). Blake started to turn around & around on the spot. “What are you doing?” the girl demands.

”Turning into a fish,” Blake replies. The little girl is infuriated.

”There is no magic in the world!” she sputters. Blake keeps spinning, turning around and around until he gets dizzy and falls down. I bet Socrates wishes that he had been such a great debater at Blake’s age.

* The fall was really funny, actually. The Boy & I were walking between stores, and I stepped on the side of my shoe, stumbled, and started to go down. As we were holding hands, I couldn’t break my fall, and instead fell underneath our linked arms, through, and out the other side. After completing the spin, I sat on my bum and laughed my head off as old ladies in walkers tried to find out if I would live. Honestly. I couldn’t have done that on purpose if I trained for a decade. It was like figure skating for klutzes.

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