September 25, 2006
60: anarchy in the crochet

The Anarchy Irony Hat is done. But is the work of anarchy ever done?

This is my first finished crochet project. It was incredibly soothing to do, just around and around. I suffered from a wandering join in the first draft, but Meghan advised me to just crochet in a spiral and eliminate the join altogether. So I did. One major problem occurred during the finishing stage: I kept crocheting the circle and losing it. I think I made the circle 4 or 5 times before I finally sewed it onto the hat. And despite a general order to sew it on however it wanted to be, I had to re-sew the pieces a few times just to get the proportions I wanted. Who knew that chaos could be so complicated?

playdoh is anarchy

I think this hat will be Nic's via some sort of holiday this winter. Fun!

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