September 16, 2006
that's what you do baby

Last night's Knit Night Out was outstanding. I rolled in later than I wanted to be due to traffic and the last-minute recruitment into my brother's taxi service. My projects right now are kind of boring, so I wasn't that into my work. But I was into every single other crafter there. We spent the night knitting, fondling yarn, adding "sucka!" after everything and spontaneously breaking into musical numbers. (My favourite was the segue between Shaun Ryder, Madchester, "Dare," and "Manchester, England England" from Hair.)

Jacquie agreed to take my pink board off my hands, offered her photography talents, and invited me to a yarn party (yay!). Sophia gave me a clove cigarette (the eternal cigarette, so goth) and bitched with me about the media hysteria around goths (see last entry for more of my feelings on this). As Sophia pointed out, where was the widespread media circus following Baron Marcus' civic courage at the Ex? Oh yeah, "Goths are Helpful" doesn't quite bring in the same fear factor.

On the lighter side, here are some pictures of Blake from last month.

this is his tea set, filled with V-Go, the vegetable drink. I love his anguished expression in this shot; you’d think that he hadn’t demanded everything in this exact fashion.


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