June 26, 2006
keeping track of my own awesomeness

Six years ago, I mentioned to St. Stephen that my goal for the summer was to read Jude the Obscure.

”That’s not much of a goal,” he sniffed.

I never did read J the O, but I probably won’t have time to catch up before I see him in September. Because this summer I have lots of crazy goals! Not just crazy Hardy goals!

Goal #1: Have an excellent time at StanFest, without wigging out very often despite aggravations or privations. I'll try to remember that there’ll be lots of time for goofing off after a hot shower when we’re back in the basement.

Goal #2: Toilet Train Blake. Or rather, put him in the right frame of mind to toilet train himself. This is a big one, and I expect to spend most of the summer in futile attempts to make this one work.

Goal #3: Give up nursing. Done and done.

Goal #4: Convert Blake’s crib into a bed, and train him to stay in bed all night long. I have the feeling that this is going to be damned hard when we’re only a short dash away.

Goal #5: Spend a lot of time with my friends, especially Scherezade who’s back from Sierra Leone this week.

Goal #6: Knit a cardigan for Theresa and baby booties for another co-worker in time for fall. This is my only obligation knitting this season.

Goal #7: Keep the basement clean. Heh. As if.

Goal #8: Read all the books I’ll be teaching next fall. Blech but necessary.

Goal #9: Journal as much as possible.

Goal #10: Spend every spare moment with my family, enjoying them and acting in a way that allows them to enjoy me.

If StSt don’t like them goals, he’s going to get a kick in the shins. And then I’m going to poke him with my needles for good measure. Or maybe I'll just congratulate him on his special day. Who can say?

During the department meeting today, I kept track of rows with Sir Andrew’s pen. “What are you doing?” he asked finally. I had just said something to the meeting, and I entertained brief fantasies of telling him that I was keeping track of every time I said something awesome.

”Oh, Rocketbride nails it. Oh! She does it again. Wow! She must be stopped because everyone looks bad in comparison!”

”Knitting rows,” I said, and smiled to myself.

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