June 24, 2006
one would think his mother's milk were scarce out of him

Day 3 of Life After Nursing. Blake is taking it in stride, pestering me no more than usual, and he’s really decreases the random groping. I had my heart set on this being his decision (because I love hearing those stories from other mamas), but we’re both happy now and I can live with making this (ultimately pretty painless) decision for him.

In somewhat related news, we visited a cattle farm today to buy a 1/4 cow for the year. My parents bought one last year, and we figured it would be a good day trip for Blake this year. So we wrote the cheque and will be putting the haul against our July rent. Now I’m paying my rent with meat; I can’t figure out if that’s cool or not.

The farm was great. The farmer gave us a tour of the barns and the various cow enclosures and everyone looked like they led a pretty nice life although it was hardly Club Med for Cattle. Blake really dug the barn cat and the hay (why?) and I liked the 2-week-old calf who went crazy sucking on my finger. Her crazed attempt at nursing left me coated with cow spit to the elbow and brought me back to the good old days when Blake was an infant. Good times, good times.

While I wandered out for a moment, Blake and the Boy checked out the milkers. The farmer had quite the sense of humour: he squirted this little city boy with milk straight from the udder. I don’t think Blake really knew how to take that. Blake also got a lick of unpasteurized milk from the cooling drum (I was a little leery, mostly because I didn’t want my germy brat to spoil 2 days yield, but the farmer was offering and he seemed to think that it would be okay.)

It was a good preview of the Valley. I’m all out of practice talking to anyone but City people, and this helped me deal with it.

I supervised the Formal last night with 11 other staff. Waaay too many of us, since only a half-dozen were needed to deal with the handful of pukers and thugs (not to mention the puking thugs).

As we had to seat 11 at a table set for 10, I shared a place setting with Pink (the funnest girl in the English department), and we spent quite a bit of time telling stories and laughing as the night rolled on. (We bitterly lamented the lack of hot guys on staff at Hogsboro. She’s single and feeling it more than I.)

I discarded my dignity and danced to whatever I knew, including “Jump Around” (played it at MY prom!) and “Baby Got Back.” Heh. The whole staff contingent was on the dance floor at that point, but only Grace and I were sufficiently shameless as to properly shake our moneymakers.

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