June 25, 2006
nothing left but the shouting

I just wrote my final report card for Hogsboro High. Dude.

When I was in the late stages of pregnancy, everybody wanted to know if I knew the gender of the baby (to which I replied, “fuck off you Gender Nazis! This means you, sweet harmless old lady!” Well, no, I didn’t really.) Now that I’m leaving HH, they want to know if I’m excited. I think it’s a pretty dumb question overall. What sane person would be looking forward to packing and moving 4 years worth of haphazard non-filing, not to mention leaving the only place you’ve ever taught (fucked up as it was) for a complete unknown? I don’t even know the courses I’ll be teaching, let alone the books. I’ll be spending the entire summer retrenching, reading books, trying to use all my fancy PD in a meaningful way. Why would I be happy about that?

Tomorrow: report card wrap ups, final department meeting and the real start of a massive clean up in both home and office. I need to get Blake’s bangs cut before we leave and I need to clean up this wallow. The last month has encouraged me to be way, way too sloppy and now I’m going to pay. The clean up at school is a whole other sled to hell; I wish I’d been able to get those big ol’ totes today, but what are you going to do besides the best you can?

Yeah. I thought so.

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